Setel Share Lets You Pay For Your Loved Ones Via E-Wallet

Setel Share

E-payment solution Setel has launched a new feature called Setel Share that lets you share your e-wallet with friends and family. With the new feature, you can create a Setel Share group and allow up to two people to use your e-wallet balance when paying for fuel at Petronas stations.

Setel said that owners of the group will still have full control to safely track and monitor any refuelling expenses by the other members. It will also let motorists earn and consolidate Mesra points into one account using the virtual in-app card instead of having to pass around a physical Petronas Mesra card.

According to Setel, a survey ran by the company showed that 71% of users are already paying for the fuel of family members and friends. With that many people practising this, Setel Share seems like a natural step forward to make paying for others more seamless.

Setel share e-wallet
[Photo: Setel]

Group owners are able to add or remove members at any time, as well being notified in real-time when transactions are made using the shared e-wallet. To use it, owners will have to add members to the group from their contact list. From there, the member only has to accept the invite in the Setel app and select Setel Share as the payment method when making a payment at a Petronas station.

If your friends or family members aren’t on Setel yet, you can also have them sign up through your referral. Setel’s Refer-a-Friend Challenge is running until 31 December and lets you and your friend earn RM5 for each successful referral, as well as bonuses when you unlock badges.

(Source: Setel)

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