Sonos Launches Sub-Mini; Retails For RM2999

Sonos officially announced its latest sub-woofer to its portfolio, the Sub-Mini. Like all of Sonos’ products, the new woofer comes chock full of features typically part of the brand, along with a couple of new additions.

Speaking of new technology, the Sub-Mini comes built with dual force-cancelling woofers that are designed to generate deep, dynamic lows, all while keeping the buzzing, rattling, and distortion to an absolute minimum. To put things into another perspective, Sonos says that you can put a cup or glass filled to the top, place it on top of the woofer, and the cup with its liquid won’t even move or vibrate to the sound that pumps out of it.

Further, the centre tunnel in the middle of the Sub-Mini serves as a nod to the brand’s other sub-woofer, the self-titled Sonos Sub. For that matter, and just like all of Sonos’ products, the design and aesthetics of the Sub-Mini are clean and minimalistic, which again speaks of the brand’s mission of keeping its products as friendly and unintimidating to the consumers as possible.

Getting into the features, the Sub-Mini also supports Sonos’ Trueplay tuning technology but sadly, this feature is still limited to Apple devices running on iOS. And before you ask: no, the app still isn’t available for the Android ecosystem; believe us when we say that we and many other tech journalists have hounded Sonos on the matter several times, but to this day, all that we’ve heard from the brand is that they are looking into it, but provided no exact availability date.

(Image source: Sonos.)

Moving on, the Sub-Mini can effortlessly connect to the any Sonos soundbar, and all it takes is for the consumer to tap their iOS devices on the top of the woofer. Once connected, it pairs and maintains that connection to the soundbar via a dedicated 5GHz Wi-Fi connection. If you wish to control the volume, you can do so via the dedicated Sonos app.

The Sonos Sub-Mini woofer is available for preorder starting today at an SRP of RM2999. General availability of the speakers are set of 6 October onwards.

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