Sony Releases Official Teardown Video Of PS VR2, Sense Controllers

PS VR2 teardown

Shortly before the launching of the PS5, Sony Interactive Entertainment posted an official teardown video of its own console. It’s an unusual thing to see at the time, but it looks like we’re seeing another round. Though this time, the company is tearing down the PS VR2 as well as its Sense controllers.

First up is the teardown of the PS VR2, by lead designer Takamasa Araki, who also designed the first PSVR. The video is prefaced by asking viewers to not try this at home, it would void the headset’s warranty. That being said, it seems like the first few steps are relatively simple, which is helpful if it ever needs to get some cleaning done.

Source: PlayStation / YouTube.

This stops at the rubber light shield though, and going further looks to be pretty unnecessary for the average user. The teardown process is also made much easier thanks to the many specialised mounts that hold the PS VR2 in place during various stages of disassembly. Most of the components are not particularly exciting, but the teardown reveals a surprising component. There is a small fan inside that not only cools the electronics inside, but also promotes air circulation so you don’t feel things getting stuffy.

Source: PlayStation / YouTube.

Most of the tech inside the PS VR2 relies a lot on infrared light. From detecting if you’re wearing the headset or not to eye tracking, there are plenty of IR LEDs with an IR camera doing the heavy lifting.

Source: PlayStation / YouTube.

Next is the teardown of the Sense controllers for the PS VR2, done by its designer Takeshi Igarashi, who also made the DualSense. IR light is also the key to its use and position tracking, like the headset itself. In fact, for the Sense controllers there’s a whole ring of 14 IR LEDs on each controller.

Source: PlayStation / YouTube.

Beyond that, the teardown reveals that each buttons is also equipped with a capacitive touch sensor, which Igarashi says allows for a natural holding hand position. Also shown are the haptic feedback unit and adaptive trigger mechanism, which are basically the same as the DualSense controller, but smaller and adjusted to fit the shape of the Sense controllers instead.

PS VR2 Sense controller teardown complete
Source: PlayStation / YouTube.

You can watch both videos in full by heading to the PlayStation Blog post linked below. The PS VR2 itself is set to launch a week from now, on 22 February 2023 for RM2799.

(Source: PlayStation)

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