Sony’s PRISM Project Opens Up Global VTuber Auditions

prism project general auditions 2022

PRISM Project, a virtual talent management agency under Sony Music, has launched this year’s auditions for new VTuber talent. Starting from 7 August, the agency is opening up auditions for applicants of any gender from twenty countries, with an emphasis on maintaining the mental health of their talent.

“VTubers Are Human, Too,” reminds PRISM Project. The agency is using this message to promise that their VTubers will have the opportunity to learn while maintaining a proper work-life balance. General Auditions 2022 will only last for a little over a month, with the deadline being 11:59 PM PDT on 9 September.

prism project vtuber
Image: PRISM Project

To qualify, applicants must meet certain criteria; the first of which is that they must be over 18 and can be of any gender. Applicants for General Auditions 2022 must also reside in one of the following countries: United States, Japan, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Peru, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, Republic of Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, or Singapore.

Obviously, you must also be able to participate in the entire audition process up until the final interviews. Those chosen must be able to stream primarily in English, but fluency in Japanese and other languages is, of course, welcome.

prism project vtubers
Some of PRISM Project’s online personas.

While the agency says that they are looking for both female- and male-presenting characters, it did not specify exactly how many talents will be chosen from these auditions. If you are fortunate enough to be a part of the PRISM Project, you must sign on for a minimum of one year, with a minimum of four live streams per week.

Keep in mind that even if you already have an existing character as a VTuber, successful applicants will be expected to assume a new persona. If you manage to get past the initial screening process, be ready to wait a while as the PRISM Project says that the interview process is expected to last until early November. Those interested in auditioning can apply on the agency’s website.

(Source: PRISM Project / Sony Music.)

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