Spotify Introduces Clickable Cards For Podcast Ads

Spotify podcast cta

In a move to increase ad clicks on its platform, Spotify has launched call-to-action (CTA) cards for ads mentioned within podcasts. The cards aim to address the issue of listeners having difficulty remembering details about sponsors when listening to podcasts, such as URLs and promo codes.

The CTA cards are designed to appear in the Spotify app whenever there is an ad read on an episode, with visuals and text that can be customised by advertisers. The cards are interactive as they will contain links related to the ad, and will remain in the relevant episode page or show page for up to seven days, just in case you want to revisit the card.

spotify podcast ad cta
[Photo: Spotify]

This method is certainly more convenient than having to mentally note down voucher codes or apps to download, which can now be done with a simple tap. That being said, these ads will appear for all Spotify users listening to podcasts — even paid subscribers who specifically pay to avoid them.

Since there is no avoiding ad reads in podcasts anyway, at least this method lets you quickly check out any interesting promotions. Spotify claims that CTA cards lead to twice as many site visits as unclickable podcast ads. However, it is only launching in the US for now and only involves Spotify Original and Exclusive podcasts.

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