Spotify Reportedly Moving Greenroom Into Its Main App


Spotify is reportedly making a move in the live audio space once again by integrating its Greenroom live audio app into the main app. It will apparently be renamed to Spotify Live and will allow subscribers to listen and join in the conversations straight from there.

Sources told Bloomberg that the changes will be implemented by the second quarter of this year. Developer Steve Moser also informed the news outlet that evidence of the change was found in the beta version of Spotify’s iOS app. According to reporter Ashley Carman, the Greenroom app will live on as a backend for creators to organise their content to upload to Spotify.

spotify greenroom live audio
[Image: Spotify]

This isn’t the first time the platform has gone through rebranding as it was initially known as Locker Room before it was acquired by the streaming giant and later relaunched as Greenroom. It was introduced as Spotify’s competitor to Clubhouse, the pioneer of the live audio space.

While the format became extremely popular last year thanks to Clubhouse, Greenroom reportedly failed to gain traction, though this might change when it’s introduced to Spotify’s huge worldwide audience. Other social media giants also joined in the trend, with Twitter launching Spaces and Facebook introducing Live Audio Rooms.

(Source: Bloomberg)

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