Square Enix Has NieR-Themed Gaming PCs

NieR: Automata has had a very successful run as a video game. This year alone, publisher Square Enix announced an anime adaptation, as well as a Nintendo Switch port more recently. Now, the company is announcing gaming PCs featuring the game, as well as its predecessor Replicant.

These PCs based on NieR comes in two main flavours each with two variants of their own. If it features NieR: Automata, then it will come in a black case with a tempered glass panel on the side featuring either 2B or 9S that’s engraved in white. On the other hand, if it features NieR Replicant, then the case will be white, with either the unnamed male protagonist colloquially known as Nier, or Emile, engraved in black on the tempered glass side panel.

Square Enix ELSA Japan NieR collaboration PCs 2B
Square Enix ELSA Japan NieR collaboration PCs 9S

These NieR PCs are made in collaboration with ELSA Japan – the computer hardware company, not the Disney character. Regardless of the theme for the gaming PCs, the collaboration has basically three configurations, which are priced at JPY217300 (~RM6971), JPY339048 (~RM10877) and JPY387500 (~RM12431). As you’d expect from pre-made PCs, these are pretty inflated, with these machines packing an RTX2060, RTX3060 and RTX3070 graphics cards, respectively. For what it’s worth, buyers will also get a limited edition mousepad and some desktop wallpapers thrown in as a bonus.

Square Enix ELSA Japan NieR collaboration PCs Nier

Not that it would matter in the end. As with most of such collaborations, these NieR gaming PCs look to be exclusive to Japan. One can always hope that Square Enix changes its mind, but in reality, you’d probably hope that the company brings the cases here to be purchased separately. That way, you could sidestep the inflated pre-built PC prices and just get the very good looking cases. Which you would probably still be paying a pretty penny for anyway.

(Source: Square Enix [1], [2] via PCGamesN)

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