Star Wars Jedi Survivor Final Launch Trailer Teases Intense Combat And Gameplay

Respawn’s Jedi Survivor, the sequel to its critically acclaimed Jedi Fallen Order that launched in 2019, is nearly upon us. As a final marketing push to entice fans and gamers about the title, publisher EA released a final gameplay trailer that gives up a taste of things to come, and perhaps more. So, in that spirit, we’re going to unpack as much of the final trailer as we can.

The trailer begins with Cal Kestic, the game’s protagonist and now a Jedi Knight, on the run and struggling to stay ahead of the Empire. The timeline for Jedi Survivor is set five years after the events of the first game, and while little is still known about the game’s main storyline, it supposedly involves a Pau’an Imperial Senator and Rayvis, a Gen’Dai hunter that firmly believes the Jedi should have gone extinct.

The good news is that, through multiple early-look gameplay footage prior to the final launch trailer, we know that Cal’s laundry list of Force powers in Jedi Survivor has increased, and that’s not counting the basic skills he had recalled in the first game. For that matter, his combat proficiency with lightsabers has also increased and you can even see him wielding a Kylo Ren-style lightsaber with the crossguards in one frame, throwing it like an axe into the face of an unfortunate stormtrooper, before using the Force to recall it. For that matter, the combat in-game definitely looks more fluid and intense, and in one scene, you see Cal actually use the Force to throw a stormtrooper up into air and directly into the cockpit of a low-flying TIE Fighter.

You also see Cal fighting in tandem with NPCs, which is a new combat mechanic being introduced into Jedi Survivor. In this case, you can see him doing a tag-team with another in-game character. It’s a nice mechanic, reminiscent of the Batman Arkham Knight combat system, albeit not quite as “superhero” fluid. Oh, and there’s even a point where you can take on a Rancor in melee combat.

(Image source: EA Star Wars.)

Another major event in Jedi Survivor is Cal being shown returning to Coruscant, the homeworld of the Galatic Empire during the rule of Emperor Palpatine and before that, the home base of the temple of the Jedi Order. Understandably, Cal hasn’t been back on the ecumenopolis since the execution of Order 66 and in one segment of the trailer, you can see the old Jedi temple draped in Imperial tapestry.

Of course, there’s the return of the supporting characters in Jedi Survivor, including Merrin, Cere, and Greez. Merrin clearly looks like she’s going to be spending more time with Cal, while Cere and Greez have clearly moved on to other endeavours, Cere seemingly reconnected with the Force, and Greez now a trader of sorts.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor launches on 28 April.

(Source: EA Star Wars)

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