Star Wars Jedi: Survivor May Release On 15 March 2023

Star Wars Jedi Survivor

The anticipated sequel to Fallen Order, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, was announced earlier this year, with a cinematic trailer to go with it. No release date was revealed at the time, with that bit of info expected to be announced during The Game Awards 2022. All that being said, it looks like PC games digital marketplace Steam, of all entities, let the cat out of the bag before corralling it back in.

Twitter user @Wario64, which frequently tweets about video game news and related topics, was the first to catch the details on Star Wars Jedi: Survivor on Steam before the details were pulled. From their screenshots, we see the release date of 15 March 2023, which may be adjusted to 16 for us here in Malaysia after adjusting for timezone differences. Also included among the pulled info are pre-order and deluxe edition bonuses, which all consist of extra skins for Cal himself, his blaster, his lightsaber, and BD-1.

Also pulled were the minimum and recommended PC requirements, which shows that Star Wars Jedi: Survivor will take up 130GB of storage space. For the minimum processor and graphics hardware, we’re looking at an Intel Core i7-7700 or AMD Ryzen 5 1400 with Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 or AMD Radeon RX 580. On the other end, the Steam page for the game listed an Intel Core i5-11600K or AMD Ryzen 5 5600X with Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 or AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT.

Whether or not any of this ends up being true, it won’t be long before we find out. After all, The Game Awards will be happening later this week anyway, with EA and Respawn Entertainment scheduled to reveal more. By then, Steam will likely put these bits of info back up on the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor page. Hopefully when that time comes a price will also be listed.

(Source: @Wario64, Geoff Keighley)

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