Starlink Now Lists Q2 2023 As The Rollout Date For Malaysia

Starlink Malaysia - Jan 2023

SpaceX has updated the availability date for its Starlink satellite Internet service in Malaysia from just “2023” to “Q2 2023”. This can be seen inside the service’s coverage map on its official website.

Not only that, the Q2 2023 rollout date has also been mentioned on the pre-order page when you input a location in Malaysia. Frankly, we have no idea when exactly SpaceX updated the availability date for Malaysia though.

Starlink Malaysia - Jan 2023
As captured at 11:30 PM today.

In fact, we only stumbled upon it when we browse through Starlink’s website again after learning that the Communications and Digital Minister, Fahmi Fadzil has recently met up with representatives from SpaceX’s division. The meeting was revealed through a set of images on Fahmi’s official Facebook page earlier this evening.

Based on our previous observation of SpaceX’s previous engagement with the Malaysian government, we believe that the person shown in the images was Rebecca Hunter, the company’s Senior Manager for Government Affairs. However, the Facebook post did not mention the topics that were discussed during the meeting aside from Fahmi noting that Internet services were one of his main focuses at the Ministry of Communications and Digital (KKD).

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