Telegram Is Working On A Feature That Hides Spoilers

telegram spoiler hide

Receiving unwarranted spoilers is a universal experience that, more often than not, irks people. Case in point, it’s especially difficult to avoid accidentally revealing spoilers on social media where everyone’s excited to talk about the new Spider-Man: No Way Home film. Messaging app Telegram is now testing a new messaging format that lets you hide and mark spoilers, so you can have your discussions without spoiling it for those who haven’t watched the content yet.

Posted by u/Tanto_Faz_123 on Reddit, a screen recording shows that Telegram is developing the spoiler-hiding format but hasn’t made it available to the public just yet. It will be hidden in the long-press styling menu when selecting text, and will pixelate the text behind a fuzzy animation similar to Apple’s invisible ink effect on iMessage.

New text format in development from Telegram

The text will remain hidden until the recipient taps on the view button, though it doesn’t actually say “spoiler” or anything of the sort, so you’ll have to make sure every person you’re sending the spoiler to is familiarised with the feature first. It’s not clear whether this feature will be extended to one-on-one and group chats, or be exclusively available to channels.

The date for the public stable rollout hasn’t been revealed, though we can assume that when it does launch, it will be available for all of Telegram’s apps — iOS, Android, desktop — as it usually releases new features to all platforms simultaneously.

(Source: u/Tanto_Faz_123/Reddit)

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