The passing of a true legend

T Gopala Krishnan (1941-2021)
He was the greatest.
With a beaming smile and outstretched hand, he greeted all as one and the same. The world was his family.
GopalKrishnan, or TG, was that person who never saw failure in anything. While we stand in shadows, Gopal stood in light.
As an ad man, film maker, he made hundred of stars and helped thousands. From the crew hand to the acclaimed creative directors.
How do I put it? He gave me my break in advertising.
He was everyone’s Don and invented the great advertising parties in the 80s. Without fail, every Deepavali for hundreds of guests if not thousands. And we lived in his glory.
Even the Gatsby was put to shame.
Gopal’s collection of vintage cars was second to none.
Many friends used his white Rolls as their wedding car, and Gopal would send his personal driver along.
“Walking is for losers, grow wings,” he told me when I started my own company.
I was not making money in my first year and he summoned me to his office to “scold” me, while showing me how to get things done.
Blunt but forgiving, his smile did wonders.
You could take on the world after that.
Thank you forever Gopal.
You are the real GodFather.
His office, Jemima Films in Jalan Pekelilng, was like a Rock of Gibraltar. Everybody passed through this gateway secure in the feeling they had been blessed by the man at the top of the stairs,  where his generous office hosted many a lost soul.
He turned away no one.
He feared no one.
He towered over everyone.
Gopal made us all brave, he was contagious.
He was a phenomenon that touched countless lives.
He won Malaysia’s first global creative award… for Dunlop tyres.
I could go on. But I am tearing up as I write this.
We all need pause to grieve and respect the passing of a great soul.
Rest in Peace Boss.
You do not need an exclamation mark, you are the exclamation  mark.
Gopal turned 80 in March, condolences can be sent to 5 Lorong 14/47 A, Petaling Jaya 46100.
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