TikTok Rolls Out Referral Rewards; Earn Up To RM650

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TikTok has finally rolled out a referral programme in Malaysia that rewards users with cold hard cash. The rewards programme has been in place for a few years now in several countries, but it seems that it has been quietly launched in our market as well.

While it may seem exciting, not every account will necessarily have the feature just yet, with the reward amount varying from user to user. First reported by Amanz, it seems that some accounts can earn RM55 per referral while others will be eligible for RM65 for each new user who used their referral code. With the few accounts we’ve checked so far, the rewards page seems to only be available in Malay, even if the app is set to English.

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Now, there are some limitations to this programme. First of all, you can only earn from your first 10 successful referrals. This means that you are limited to getting a maximum of RM550 to RM650, depending on which amount your account gets.

Additionally, in order for a referral to actually be eligible for a reward, the new user who used your code must watch at least 30 minutes of content every single day for 10 days straight. It’s unclear whether the new user has to start over the streak if they miss a day or the entire referral becomes invalid.

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According to TikTok’s terms and conditions, the programme just started in Malaysia on 22 July. It also states that the reward balance can be withdrawn to your PayPal or bank account, though you can only withdraw once a day.

Referrers can only earn rewards from new users who have never created a TikTok account, have never downloaded the app on their device, and are in the same country as the referrer. TikTok’s FAQ adds that new users must enter the referral code on the rewards page within 24 hours for the referrer to be eligible for the reward.

(Source: Amanz)

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