TikToker Adds Diamond Dust To Thermal Paste; Improves CPU Temperature

Thermal paste or compound, depending on what you call it, are basically made for one singular purpose: to ensure that the temperatures of our CPUs, AMD or Intel, are properly in contact with its coolers and thus, keep at optimal operating temperatures. For one TikToker, however, this wasn’t enough and decided to take things to the next step by adding diamond dust into the compound.

Specifically, the TikToker, whose real name is Adam Yee but goes by the handle Mryeester, recently posted a video on the social media platform of them mixing a small yet sizable bag of 25-carat diamond dust into his thermal paste, in the hopes that the act would yield some benefits in the form of lower CPU temperatures.

While we would like to tear into Yee’s actions, it should be noted that they aren’t without merit. From a scientific standpoint, diamonds are some of the most highly conductive material on the planet and in comparison to copper and silver, the material is five better at helping to wick away the heat.


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And yield some results, Yee’s actions did. After mixing the diamond dust with his thermal paste well, and slathering it onto his CPU – yes, I know the eagle-eyed PC enthusiasts among you may cringe at his application process, but do keep calm – the results obtained were actually not bad. As a baseline, the non-diamond tempered thermal paste has Yee’s Intel CPU running at temperatures of 49°C under load, and between 30°C and 40°C  when idle. With the diamond-infused paste, the CPU’s temperature never budged above 46°C under load, marking a 3°C difference in operating temperature.

Now, before you get any funny ideas about seeking out diamond dust, we do advise against it at this stage. For starters and to state the obvious, that’s diamond dust and a quick check on Google indicates that a grounded diamond of that purity will cost anywhere between US$275 (~RM1223) and US$440 (~RM1957).

Secondly, Yee’s experiment was only conducted short term and as of the publication of this article, there is no indication if they intend on posting results obtained from this endeavour in the long-term.

(Source: PCGamesN)

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