Touch n Go eWallet App Is Currently Missing From iOS App Store

Touch n Go eWallet ePenjana

With more than 16 million users, the Touch n Go eWallet app is certainly one of the country’s largest e-wallet services. This does not come as a surprise given its relationship to the widely-used physical Touch n Go card which has since become even closer through the introduction of the Enhanced Touch n Go card.

tng ewallet
The error message, as captured at 2:44 PM today.

Not only that, frequent highway users may also rely on its PayDirect feature which made it possible to pay tolls and parking using funds from the app’s wallet via a TNG card or RFID sticker. Hence, it might be a huge concern for some out there especially iPhone users to see that the app has just gone missing from the iOS App Store.

First highlighted by the popular Apple-oriented blogger, Xavier Naxa, you will not able to find the app through the manual search on iOS App Store at the moment. If you try the direct link to the app’s listing, you will encounter this error message shown above instead.

Furthermore, we have also noticed that the TNG eWallet app is no longer being listed under the TNG Digital Sdn Bhd profile on the App Store. Even though the TNG eWallet is currently missing from the App Store, the app is still working fine if you already have it installed on your iPhone.

TNG Digital App Store Profile 7 May 2022
TNG Digital’s iOS App Store profile, as captured at 2:30 PM today (left image) vs. the same profile cached by Google on 10 April 2022.

At the time this article is published, we have yet to see any official statement on any of TNG and TNG eWallet’s social media channels regarding the sudden disappearance of the app. Meanwhile, we are now trying to reach out to TNG for further clarifications, so stay tuned.

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