Tumi x Razer Collection Price In Malaysia Starts At RM800

Tumi Razer Collection

The company might be known for its long line of gaming peripherals and laptops but truth to be told, Razer is also a proponent of spreading gaming culture through collaborative products that may not be part of the gaming realm. The latest such examples are the new luggage, backpack, sling bag, and laptop sleeve which collectively formed the new Tumi | Razer collection.

For those who are not familiar with the brand, Tumi is one of the biggest names in the market when it comes to premium baggage and travel bag. Its new collaboration with Razer may seem to come out of a left-field but truth to be told, Tumi has actually released its own e-sports collection last year.

Hence, we can make some educated guesses that the Samsonite subsidiary should know a thing or two about gaming culture. Else, we don’t think the company would agree to produce only 1,337 units for each product within the new Tumi | Razer collection.

As for the products themselves, leading the collection is the International Expandable 4 Wheeled Carry-On Luggage that is draped in black with a neon green accent which is a well-known signature colourway of Razer. With a shell made from recycled polycarbonate, Tumi has implemented anti-microbial treatment throughout its exterior including the shell itself as well as zippers and grab handles.

Tumi Razer Collection
[Image: Razer.]

The same also applies to the neon green fabric inside the luggage while the tie-down straps feature Razer’s famed “For Gamers. By Gamers.” slogan. Interesting enough, the luggage also has a built-in USB power port that owners can utilize to charge their device although they have to purchase the power bank separately.

As you may expect from a premium suitcase, a low-profile TSA lock comes as standard. Not to forget, it also comes with Tumi | Razer luggage tag and stickers.

Tumi Razer Collection
[Image: Razer.]

Next on the list is the Finch Backpack which is primarily designed to fit 15-inch laptops including Razer’s own Blade 15. The backpack features multiple compartments and pockets for users to store their laptops, earbuds, and cables.

Naturally, the backpack’ laptop compartment has also been padded to provide additional protection. Furthermore, the Tumi | Razer Finch Backpack also comes standard with an integrated water-resistant rain cover which should be useful for the weather in Malaysia.

[Image: Razer.]

Another product that is part of the Tumi|Razer collection is the Bozeman Sling Bag which seemed to have been designed for tablets given the label on its main compartment. Its creators pointed out that the bag can be worn on either left or right side while users can switch its position easily due to its adjustable quick-release strap.

Tumi and Razer also said that the Bozeman Sling Bag’s slim profile avoids it from being obtrusive to the user’s movements. There are also oversized zipper pulls on the bag which further highlights its identity as a Tumi | Razer collaborative product.

Tumi Razer Collection
[Image: Razer.]

The final item in the Tumi|Razer collection is a sleeve designed for 15-inch laptops. Despite being a “laptop sleeve”, this particular co-branded product surely has plenty of dedicated storage space.

In addition to having a padded laptop compartment, the secondary compartment has several pockets for accessories and random items. Similar to the Finch Backpack and Bozeman Sling Bag that we have mentioned earlier, the sleeve also comes with detachable Tumi|Razer-exclusive oversized zipper pulls.

Tumi Razer Collection
[Source: Tumi / Razer.]

Based on our conversation with the staff at Tumi Store in The Gardens Mall Mid Valley, you most probably will not be able to get your hands on the Tumi|Razer products through physical outlets on this side of the world.

On the other hand, we managed to obtain the local pricing for the collection from Tumi’s customer service which is listed below:

  • Tumi | Razer International Expandable 4 Wheeled Carry-On Luggage: RM3,700
  • Tumi | Razer Finch Backpack: RM2,800
  • Tumi | Razer Bozeman Sling Bag: RM2,330
  • Tumi | Razer Laptop Sleeve: RM800

All four products will be made available through Tumi Malaysia’s website at 11:00 PM Malaysian time tonight. As only 1,337 units of each product will be available for purchase worldwide, you may want to be prepared for a possibility of a Zerg Rush later.

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