Tune Protect Introduces CyberSecure Personal Cyber Crime Insurance

tune protect cybersecure

Tune Protect has announced a new insurance offering for individuals, this time specifically targeting the risk of cyber crime called Tune CyberSecure. The personal insurance aims to protect its customers from cyber threats such as data breaches by providing always-available technical support.

A report by Cybersecurity Malaysia found that in 2022 alone, more than 4,700 online fraud cases were reported, indicating that cyber attacks are on the rise. Tune CyberSecure will mitigate these risks by providing customers with the necessary 24/7 technical support.

tune protect cybersecure insurance
Image: Tune Protect

Premiums for Tune CyberSecure start from RM145 per year, which covers electronic fund transfer fraud, online retail fraud, and identity theft. Of course, keep in mind that this annual premium does not include 6% SST and RM10 stamp duty. Unless you renew it every year, the policy will expire.

The coverage for this insurance package is capped at RM10,000 and it apparently covers your entire family, as well as all electronic devices connected to the Wi-Fi at your registered address. In the event that such a fraudulent incident does occur, you must notify the company within seven days and then submit the relevant documents within 14 days.

tune protect cybersecure
Image: Tune Protect

Those interested in the package can get the policy online and get coverage confirmation within just seven minutes. Additionally, you can contact them for any questions or clarifications through their 24/7 call centre at the 1-800819783 toll-free line.

Events that are excluded from Tune CyberSecure coverage include mass cyber attacks, state of emergency, bodily injury, business activity, confidence scams, dishonest acts, indirect losses, infrastructure failure, and loss or stolen cards.

You can apply through Tune Protect’s website. Customers who wish to make a claim can do so by filling the claim form along with a description of the event and your policy number. According to its FAQ, claims will be registered within one working days and successful claims will be reimbursed within seven working days.

(Source: Tune Protect Press Release)

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