Tune Talk Introduces Pek Jimat Plans; Starts From RM33 A Month

Tune Talk Pek Jimat

Tune Talk has introduced three new mobile plans today, under the Pek Jimat umbrella. These are the Fokus 33, Fokus 40 and Bebas 55 plans, all of which provide unlimited calls to all other networks. That being said, the amount of fine print to go through for each of these plans is surprisingly high.

Starting with the Fokus 33 plan, Tune Talk says that subscription prices for this starts from RM33 for 30 days. But to get this price, you have to subscribe to the plan for 12 instances of 30 days. If you choose to be attached to this plan for only 90 days, this goes up to RM35 a month. And if you want it only for just 30 days, then it’s RM38.

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Source: Tune Talk.

Tune Talk also labels its Fokus 33 plan as providing unlimited mobile internet, but with speeds being limited to 6Mbps. But this is where the fine print goes wild, because this speed only applies between 9AM and 5PM. Outside of this window, the plan’s mobile internet speed is halved. The telco also labels this plan as providing unlimited internet, but heading to its terms and conditions, the telco instead says that the plan comes with only 50GB.

Source: Tune Talk.

This is then further subjected to a Fair Usage Policy (FUP) that Tune Talk has put in place, limiting daily mobile data usage to 5GB. Going beyond brings the mobile connectivity speeds down to 256kbps, but you can still technically continue surfing for as long as you want. For what it’s worth, you can buy an additional 1.5GB booster to your monthly data quota for RM3. And for hotspot use purposes, subscribers are capped to 4GB of data per 30 days.

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It’s much the same story with the Fokus 40 plan. For this, you get the price of RM40 a month of you go for a 12-month subscription, RM43 a month for 90 days, and RM48 for 30 days. Tune Talk pushes the maximum mobile internet speeds up to 12Mbps, but this is again halved outside of the 9AM to 5PM window. And despite the unlimited label, the plan’s terms and conditions mentions a 60GB data quota and a 6GB hotspot limit. All this is still subject to the standard FUP limit of 5GB a day, and the 1.5GB monthly booster for RM3.

Source: Tune Talk.

Ditto the Bebas 55 plan, which is priced at RM55 a month for 360 days, RM60 a month for 90 days, and RM68 for 30 days. This plan’s speed is capped at a much higher 18Mbps, and is not halved off peak hours. Hotspot data allocation is unlimited too, but the caveat here is the 80GB base data quota despite the unlimited label, the general FUP, and the monthly booster.

With all that being said, you can head on over the Tune Talk official website to find out more about these new Pek Jimat plans. These plans are available starting today, 5 September 2022.

(Source: Tune Talk)

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