Twitter Tests “CoTweets” Feature For Two Accounts To Co-Author Tweets

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Twitter has begun testing a new feature called CoTweets, which allows two users to co-author a tweet for easier collaboration. The feature has been rolled out for select users for a limited time, though it is restricted to only users in the US, Canada, and South Korea.

A CoTweet will feature both authors’ usernames and profile pictures when posted so that everyone involved gets the credit for it. How it works is that one person has to first draft a tweet then send an invite to the person they want to collaborate with by using the CoTweet icon, which will be sent as a direct message.

Invites for the feature can only be sent to accounts that follow you and have a public profile. The initial author can no longer edit the content of the CoTweet after sending the invite, so if any changes need to be made, they must delete the tweet and start over again. If the other person declines the invitation, then the invite is deleted.

Aside from two users appearing in the header, CoTweets are no different from regular tweets in that everyone else can still retweet, quote tweet, reply, and everything else. The only difference is that CoTweets cannot be promoted and the co-author who sent the invite is the only one who can moderate replies. The invitee author can also revoke their name from published CoTweets if they change their mind afterwards.

twitter cotweet
Image: Twitter

Another limitation of the feature is that it cannot be shared in Twitter Circle, Communities, or Super Follows-only tweets. After the experiment ends, Twitter says that it could potentially decide to turn off the feature entirely and that any published CoTweets may be deleted.

The social media giant did not mention exactly how long this test will be running for. CoTweets is just one of the site’s recent trials of new features, with another exciting one being Notes, which lets users publish entire articles on the platform.

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