Ubisoft Announces The Division Resurgence F2P Mobile Entry

The Division Resurgence

Ubisoft has announced another entry into the Tom Clancy’s The Division series. But it’s not the third entry into the series, nor is it the Heartland free-to-play spinoff. Granted, this new one is also a free-to-play title, but that’s because it’s for mobile. It’s called The Division Resurgence.

As the publisher puts it, The Division Resurgence has its own story that is related, but independent, of the first two games. It’s also unique in the sense that this game tells the story from the perspective of a first wave agent, many of which have gone rogue by the events of the first two games.

The Division Resurgence gear
Source: Ubisoft.

It’s a major part of The Division story that hasn’t been explored, besides the one most infamous rogue agent Aaron Keener. Which is also why this feels like a major waste for such a story to be relegated to a mobile entry.

Ubisoft says that The Division Resurgence will play a lot like the first two games. The open world, presumably of New York based on available images, will return. As will the gear loot cycle, as well as both solo and co-op play for both story missions and world activities.

The Division Resurgence world
Source: Ubisoft.

Progression is also similar in that, in addition to gear, you unlock skills and signature weapons. With these tools, you come up with a build that would fit into the typical MMO roles like DPS, Tank, Healer and Support. You’re also free to change things up whenever you feel like it.

For now, The Division Resurgence does not yet have a release date beyond a 2023 window. But if you want, you can sign up for the closed alpha, which will be on both Android and iOS. At this point, it’s worth mentioning that this is a mobile game, and so it remains to be seen just to what extent Ubisoft intends to monetise this game.

(Source: Ubisoft)

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