Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Gets A 10-Minute Gameplay Video

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty 10 minute gameplay

When Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty was first revealed in the middle of last year, there was little doubt that it would be the game to play for fans of the Soulslike genre. This is especially when considering the pedigree behind the game – people involved in making it include Fumihiko Yasuda, Nioh series director and the head of Team Ninja, and Masaaki Yamagiwa, lead producer of Bloodborne. Now, there’s a 10-minute gameplay video of the game, courtesy of IGN.

For those who paid close attention to the game, you’ve probably gotten a taste for yourself what Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty would play like from the demo back in September last year. Since then, it looks like there have been slight improvements, including a new weapon and a few new enemy types. Perhaps it should be no surprise, but these enemies look to have a moveset that will be familiar to those who have dabbled in the Nioh series.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty 10 minute gameplay
Source: IGN / YouTube.

As for the new weapon being added to Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, it is the humble staff. It’s a basic weapon that’s iconic to traditional Chinese martial arts, and the moveset in-game looks to reflect this. Or at least the gameplay clip didn’t show off any of the fancy moves that it would otherwise be capable of. In any case, this will be one of the 13 weapon types in the game, including the previously showcased swords, twin swords, and glaive.

Beyond combat, there video also shows off some of the exploration aspects of the game. Once again, these should be familiar to those who have played any Nioh entry. From bamboo that can be cut down to open up a new path, to items hidden behind light platforming sequences, there’s some incentive to take detours on your path to the next plot point.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty will be released on 3 March 2023, which is not too far away now. It will be available on both generations of both consoles, as well as PC.

(Source: IGN / YouTube)

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