Xbox Lead Thinks PlayStation Game Pass Will Include New Games On Day One

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Reports from early last month points towards Sony Interactive Entertainment not only scrapping PlayStation Now, but also turning PS Plus into a multi-tier subscription. Higher tiers of this is also believed to be its equivalent of Xbox Game Pass. Xbox head Phil Spencer has had a few thoughts on this as-of-yet unannounced service, and it looks to be generally positive.

Speaking to IGN, Spencer says that he sees such a move by PlayStation as “an inevitability”. Not only that, he also thinks that the service, like Xbox Game Pass, will give subscribers access to new games the day they launch. Though it’s worth noting that he doesn’t specify if this is only for third-party titles, or if it also includes first-party and exclusive games.

Source: PlayStation.

Spencer also says that he doesn’t think that this is evidence that Xbox made the right move, but that this is the direction that gaming will head to eventually. And he explains that this is why he expects that PlayStation will do the same thing.

For now, things have been going in the direction that Phil Spencer says they will. Not only do we have the report of PlayStation gearing up for its own Game Pass-like service, but it is also pushing more of its exclusives onto PC. The hope is that the company really does go ahead with such a service. Though the remaining doubt is if the service will be available everywhere, or just in select markets.

(Source: IGN)

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