Xbox To Launch Streaming Puck, TV App Within 12 Months

Microsoft xCloud

In markets where Microsoft has made available Xbox Cloud Gaming, it’s possible to play a variety of the console platform’s games on phones and PC. It looks like the company is working on more ways for this to be possible, primarily for TVs.

GamesBeat reports that Microsoft intends to release an Xbox cloud streaming device. The report specifically mentions that this will look like the Amazon First Stick or Roku’s puck. But since these function similarly to the Google Chromecast, so that could also be another point of reference. The idea is that, with a streaming device like this, it would enable gamers to access the Xbox library via cloud streaming on any smart TV.

Xbox Game Pass PC
Source: Microsoft.

Or, if one already owns a Samsung smart TV, then the device can be skipped. This is because Microsoft is also working with the South Korean tech giant on a dedicated Xbox streaming app.

Both of these are planned for release within the next 12 months. Though it remains to be seen if this is something that we can use, considering we only got access to the PC Game Pass recently. Never mind Cloud Gaming, we don’t even have the consoles and the Xbox Game Pass here officially.

(Source: GamesBeat)

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