You Can Now Buy Windows 11 License For RM919

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When Microsoft announced Windows 11, it looked like the only way to get it was to upgrade from an existing – and eligible – Windows 10 PC. The company even revealed a ““hack” that could turn your unworthy PC into one that can get the upgrade. It did mean that, if you were building a new rig, you had to just buy Windows 10 first, and upgrade from there. Though now, this is a step that you can skip.

As PCMag reports, Microsoft has added, albeit quietly, a page for you to buy a Windows 11 license directly from its website. When this was added is unclear, but according to the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine, the option was added sometime between 9 and 16 May, at least for the US site. For the Malaysian site, you can navigate your way there by replicating the steps in the report, but we have the page directly linked all the way down below.

Windows 11 Pro Malaysia
Source: Microsoft.

If you’re wondering what the price of this Windows 11 Home license is, the local price of it is RM919. Incidentally, this is the same price of the Windows 10 Home license. While it doesn’t look like it’s possible to navigate to the Windows 11 Pro page, TechRadar has managed to locate it, and getting the Malaysian page for it was as simple as changing the US in the URL to MY. While we’re here, the Windows 11 Pro license costs RM1299, the same as the Windows 10 equivalent.

Overall though, if you’re a PC builder, getting a Windows 11 license directly will likely save you some time, as opposed to getting Windows 10 first and upgrading from there. It also helps that the price of the licenses for both the Home and Pro versions are the same. If you’re interested, you can check out the links to both Windows 11 Home and Pro down below.

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