You Can Now Use Setel To Renew Road Tax

Setel Road Tax Renewal

Setel has introduced yet another service into its app in the form of road tax renewal. Made possible through a collaboration with My Roadtax Store, it takes around three to five business days for customers within Peninsular Malaysia to receive their new road tax when they renew it through Setel.

For those who are in East Malaysia, the delivery period is within five to seven business days instead. However, not everyone can renew their road tax using the app from Petronas’ fintech arm though.

Setel Road Tax Renewal
The road tax renewal option, as shown on Setel’s home page.

For starters, this feature is not available for motorcycle owners as well as those who used their cars for e-hailing purposes which have to be done directly at Road Transport Department (JPJ) branches. Available only for those aged 18 to 75 years old, one also has to ensure that they have a valid motor insurance policy and the existing road tax is at most two months away from expiring.

The vehicle itself also has to be less than 20 years old and has not been blacklisted by JPJ. For the renewal process, Setel requires several details from customers including the vehicle plate number as well as the owner’s full name and identification number from MyKad, passport, police ID, army ID, or company registration number.

Setel Road Tax Renewal
The home screen of Setel’s road tax renewal section.

Setel Road Tax Renewal

Once users entered these details, they then will be required to verify the type of their vehicles and delivery details before they can make their payment. When it comes to the cost, Setel charges RM 5 as a service fee and there is also a delivery fee of RM15 for Peninsular Malaysia while it costs RM18 for Sabah and Sarawak.

Setel users can begin to utilize this service by updating their app to version 1.108.0 regardless of the platform that they used. Android users are able to download Setel from Google Play while the app is also available for Apple users from the App Store and Huawei users can head on right here to its AppGallery listing.

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