YouTube Premium Gets Five New Features, Including Enhanced 1080p

youtube premium enhanced 1080p

YouTube has just added five new features to its Premium subscription service, offering more exclusive tools to upgrade your experience with the streaming platform. One of the new features is an enhanced 1080p resolution, which it had been experimenting with since February.

Some YouTube Premium users, in the coming weeks, will notice a new video quality option called “1080p Premium” for videos. While 1080p has always been available to all users, the new option provides a higher bitrate, which will result in better-looking 1080p videos with more detail.

youtube premium enhanced 1080p smart downloads
Image: YouTube

Unfortunately, this feature is only coming to iOS for now with a web beta coming soon, but the company made no mention of Android. On the other hand, 4K video streaming is still available to all users after a brief paywall experiment where only Premium users could access 4K quality.

Another new feature is the video queuing system, which was already available for everyone but limited to just the website. Now, Premium users can also use queuing on their phones and tablets to let them set up a queue of videos they want to watch without having to manually play them one by one.

youtube premium enhanced 1080p
Image: YouTube

Excitingly, YouTube is adding the ability for multiple people to watch videos together through separate devices. Meet Live Sharing lets Premium subscribers host Google Meet sessions where all attendees can watch videos together regardless of whether they are paying or free users. In a few weeks, the company is also rolling out this feature for FaceTime on iOS via SharePlay.

On top of that, YouTube Premium can now continue videos from where they left off across devices, including iOS, Android, and web. Last but least, subscribers now have access to Smart Downloads, which will automatically download recommended videos to your library for offline viewing when you’re connected to Wi-Fi.

(Source: YouTube)

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