150kg croc found dead in Teluk Asam fisherman’s net

SIBU: The carcass of a male crocodile measuring approximately 4m in length and weighing about 150kg was found stuck in a villager’s net in Teluk Asam near the Bako National Park.

The Sarawak Forestry Corporation (SFC), in a Facebook post Sunday (Jan 15), said its Kuching regional office had disposed of the crocodile carcass in the Bako River in addition to taking specimen samples for forensic purposes.

SFC appealed to the villagers not to throw garbage into the rivers – especially food waste – because it is one of the main contributing factors to crocodiles encroaching on houses in these areas.

In addition, the public is also advised to be vigilant when carrying out fishing or any other activity in the river environment.

On Jan 13, SFC had relocated 49 crocodile eggs found at Taman Madilah in Matang to a safer place.

With help from the Padawan police, SFC SWAT team members had gone to the ground after receiving a report from local residents.

“The SFC SWAT team is monitoring the latest situation in the area and the search for the crocodile is still ongoing,” the SFC said on its Facebook page.

It assured residents that crocodile warning signs would soon be installed where the eggs had been found.

Members of the public who have any information about those who capture, hunt, trade or rear protected wildlife can contact the SFC hotline at 019-885 9996 (Kuching), 019-888 3561 (Sibu), 019-833 2737 (Bintulu), or 019-829 0994 (Miri).