Agriculture Ministry to revise, improve action plans to guarantee food security, says minister

KUALA LUMPUR: The Agriculture and Food Industry Ministry is ready to revise and improve its action plans involving food commodities to raise self-sufficiency levels (SSL) to ensure Malaysia’s food security is assured.

Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ronald Kiandee (pic) said the move involved the National Agro Food Policy 2.0 and the National Food Security Policy (DSMN), especially with the country not having had to contend with a challenging post-pandemic situation before.

He said recent developments involving geopolitical conflicts (the Russia-Ukraine war) and the impact of border closures during the Covid-19 pandemic had given rise to the need.

“When we drafted the DSMN and the National Agro Food Policy, we had not yet faced a challenging post-pandemic stage.

“However, the latest developments add to the challenges to the country’s food supply chain, not only in Malaysia but also around the world.

“So we in the ministry are ready to improve the action plans that we had made in a less challenging situation and adapt them to the current challenging scenario,” he said in an exclusive interview with BernamaTV.

At the same time, he said that the government had successfully addressed the effects of supply chain disruptions as well as prevented the country from facing an extreme crisis situation.

“We are always ready to draw up and revise action plans to ensure that these disruptions do not affect the food supply chain in our country,” he said. – Bernama