Ample supply of medicine at govt health facilities, says KJ

SEPANG: There is no shortage in supply for medicine at government health facilities, says Khairy Jamaluddin.

The Health Minister said that hospitals and clinics under the ministry have ample supply.

“We will continue to monitor our central contracts to ensure stock levels for medicines at our facilities are sufficient,” he said to reporters at World Food Safety Day here on Tuesday (June 7).

On the medicine shortage faced by private clinics and pharmacies, Khairy said the ministry had engaged with related organisations to seek their input on the issue.

Among feedback received were shortages in medications for diarrhea, fever, cold, flu, cough, antibiotics and vitamins especially vitamin C.

“I have asked the pharmaceutical services division to immediately look for alternative sources for medical supply that we can explore to tackle the shortage issue.

“The division is also to look at the course of action should the shortage prolong,” Khairy said.

He added cooperation with local pharmaceutical industry players must be enhanced so that they can build a more effective supply chain.

This is to ensure that the country’s medicine supply will not be affected by shortage in the future.

It was reported that there is a shortage of certain medicines in the market lately as countries around the world started emerging from lockdown measures and resumed economic activities.