Budget 2023 empowers Local Govt Ministry, says minister

PUTRAJAYA: Budget 2023 has given the Local Government Development Ministr the mandate to continue strengthening the people’s well-being agenda in the housing sector, firefighting services, community and local authorities.

Describing the national budget as reformist, progressive and people-friendly, its Minister Nga Kor Ming said RM5.333 billion has been set aside for the ministry this year compared to RM5.146 billion in 2022, an increase of 3.63 per cent (RM186.9 million).

He said the ministry welcomes the tabling of Budget 2023 by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim in the Dewan Rakyat yesterday, which highlighted the Madani values in setting the direction of the country, instilling hope and building people’s confidence.

“The ministry is committed to implementing various initiatives designed to empower every level of society. Budget 2023 also continues to focus on the Livable Malaysia agenda,” he said in a statement on Saturday (Feb 25).

On Friday (Feb 24) Anwar – who is also Finance Minister – tabled Budget 2023 totalling RM388.1 billion in an effort to support economic growth so that the spillover benefits can be enjoyed by the people.

Elaborating, Nga said there were 11 initiatives involving his ministry, including RM50 million to replace worn-out lifts in People’s Housing Projects (PPR).

Some RM367 million has been allocated to develop new PPRs to benefit 12,400 new residents, RM30 million to increase activities related to Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), and RM10 million to drive the community garden programme at the parliamentary level to support the food security agenda.

Nga said the Budget 2023 clearly shows that the government is serious about putting Malaysia back on the right track so that the country can continue progressing.

“It also proves the government’s concern for the challenges faced by the people in building a better future for Malaysia,” he said.

He said the national budget would also support the ministry to continue implementing seven focus areas, including housing, local government, urban sustainability, solid waste management and better firefighting services for the well-being of the people. – Bernama