Bukit Aman: Neighbourhood watch-police collaboration can help check crime rates

KUALA LUMPUR: Collaboration between Neighbourhood Watch Areas (KRT) and the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) can help reduce crime rates in the community, says Bukit Aman Crime Prevention and Community Safety Department (JPJKK) principal assistant director SAC Saiman Kasran.

He said KRT’s main functions include monitoring and investigating all issues on community conflicts in the area concerned and then report anything suspicious to the police.

“Communities need to create awareness in neighbourhoods. They need to identify employment backgrounds (of those in the neighbourhood), who their neighbours are and so on so that when external elements enter the housing areas, they will be alerted.

“Through the Voluntary Patrol Scheme available in KRTs, the community is able to monitor the neighbourhood and help prevent criminal activities,” he told Bernama recently.

Saiman said his team is not able to conduct patrols in all housing areas, so KRTs serve as the “eyes” of the police.

“They (KRTs) can make a citizen’s arrest if they see crimes being committed,” he said.

Saiman also said the police, especially JPJKK, will play a consultative role in the community besides educating the community about the shared responsibility in crime prevention.

“The police have a close relationship with KRTs. If there are KRTs which need police expertise, we will give guidance and briefings on how to identify suspects,” he added. – Bernama