Bukit Assek rep wants Sibu abattoir to reopen as soon as possible

SIBU: The Sibu Municipal Council abattoir, which was closed after African Swine Fever (ASF) was detected there, needs to be re-opened as soon as possible, says Bukit Assek assemblyman Joseph Chieng.

The abattoir, which is the main supplier of pork for the town, was ordered shut by the Veterinary Department for 60 days starting March 9.

The closure was to allow for the general cleaning and sanitising of the abattoir.

Chieng, who led officers from the Veterinary Department on a visit to the abattoir on Monday (March 21), said it should be reopened as soon as possible so that pig farmers, pork sellers and eateries could get back to business.

Sibu assistant veterinary officer Anthony Janggu and his officers were present to check on the progress of the cleaning work.

“The closure of the abattoir is a big burden to the pig farmers, pork sellers and restaurants. Once the Veterinary Department has checked and verified that all cleaning works have been carried out, I hope it can reopen as soon as possible as they need to earn a living,” Chieng said.

The department, Chieng said, wanted the council to carry out rectification work on eight items to improve the overall hygiene of the abattoir.

This includes, among others, removing unwanted fruit trees, disposing of defective equipment, flushing the pig pens using only treated water from the Water Board instead of river water, and plastering the walls of the pens.

“The council has done all these eight items. It will continue to carry out desludging work twice a month and to disinfect the pens regularly using chlorine dioxide,” he said.

He said members of the Sibu Pork Dealers Association had, on March 13, carried out a gotong-royong at the abattoir.