Celebrity Grace Chow breaks up with music idol beau

Chinese internet celebrity Grace Chow has confirmed her break-up with her music idol boyfriend Duan Xingxing, just five months after they started dating, China Press also reported.

Chow, 34, who is 10 years Duan’s senior, announced on a livestream that the relationship had ended.

Duan, who lost many fans after getting into a relationship, later also confirmed the matter.

“My negligence at handling my work and personal life has led to me disappointing my stellar fans.

“From today onwards, I will put all my effort back at work,” he said in a hand-written letter to fans posted online.

Duan rose to fame after reaching the finals in the third season of the reality TV dance competition Youth with You and later forming the band IXFORM with other finalists, who include Malaysian singer Liu Jun Ying.

In 2020, Chow famously broke up with singer Show Lo after making an explosive post online to accuse him of bedding a string of female artistes under his wing.