Check with kadi’s office before organising religious, cultural activities, Johor Muslims urged

MUAR: Muslims in Johor have been advised to check with the kadi’s office in their districts before organising any religious or cultural activities, especially traditional ones that contain elements of idol worship and hypnotism, such as the performance of ‘kuda kepang’ (braided weaved horse dance).

State Islamic Religious Affairs Committee chairman Mohd Fared Mohd Khalid (pic) said a review needs to be done earlier in efforts to preserve the culture and prevent it from turning into activities that could affect religious beliefs.

“Encouraging people to refer to the district kadi’s office is not only for cultural activities, but any party or individual who needs further clarification on any matter can also go to the kadi’s office to obtain a better understanding.

“This step is aimed at helping those involved not to engage in activities that may affect religious beliefs,” he told reporters after officiating the Johor-level 1444H Israk Mikraj celebration at Masjid Sultan Ibrahim on Friday (Feb 17) night.

He said the state government is still in the process of reviewing and fine-tuning any ‘kuda kepang’ performance with a final review being carried out at Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM) before obtaining feedback from the Johor Mufti Department.

Earlier, a viral video on the TikTok application showed a ‘kuda kepang’ performance believed to have taken place in Johor which is believed to involve elements of worship and possession.

The Johor Fatwa Committee had issued a fatwa on Feb 18, 2000 making it illegal for Muslims to participate in Kuda Kepang performances as they contain elements of worship and possession.

On a another matter, Mohd Fared said as many as 160 mosques and 140 religious schools in the state will have free Wi-Fi facilities by the end of this month. – Bernama