Covid-19: Those who test positive can skip polling queue, says Khairy

PETALING JAYA: Covid-19 positive individuals will be able to skip the queue at the polling centres on Saturday (Nov 19), says Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin.

Khairy said that at the polling centre, they must first identify themselves to the Health Ministry personnel stationed there, said Khairy.

He added that the health personnel will then check the Covid-19 patients’ status on MySejahtera and escort them straight to the polling room.

“They will not have a special polling stream but they will be escorted by Health Ministry personnel until they enter the voting room. They will not queue with other voters. We want them to leave the polling station as soon as possible,” said Khairy.

“So if you’re in line on Saturday and see someone being escorted to the polling booth, know that it is a voter with public health considerations,” Khairy added at a press conference at Hospital Sungai Buloh on Thursday (Nov 17).

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The Barisan Nasional candidate for the Sungai Buloh parliamentary seat said this was decided following a risk assessment to determine the safety of other voters on polling day.

Covid-19 individuals will also be following other polling standard operating procedures (SOP) such as dipping their finger in indelible ink after voting, he said.

He however assured that it will be safe for other voters as everyone will be asked to sanitise their hands before performing the procedure.

Khairy also assured Malaysians that it is safe to go out and vote on Saturday (Nov 19) as the Covid-19 situation in the country is under control.

“Even though we get waves of infections from time to time, the Health Ministry has got it under control.

“Not only are you safe to go out and vote on Saturday but we are also heading into endemicity very, very soon,” he said.

Khairy added that while it is compulsory for Covid-19 positive individuals to wear a mask at the polling stations, other voters were “highly encouraged” to do so as well considering the risks.

“It is safer and better than taking risks especially on the morning of polling day as there will be thousands of people. It gets very crowded. Bring a face mask and wear it,” he said.