DAP courting Muda at Amanah’s expense, claims Nur Jazlan

KUALA LUMPUR: Parti Amanah Negara has been sidelined by DAP which now has the Malaysian United Democratic Alliance (Muda) as its new “sugar baby” to woo Malay votes in the 15th General Election (GE15), claims Datuk Nur Jazlan Mohamed.

The Johor Umno deputy chief said Amanah was no longer DAP’s golden child as it cannot be relied upon to win Malay votes now.

“Everyone knows that Amanah was born to break apart PAS, and the result of that was the Islamist party severing its relationship with DAP in 2014.

“DAP even poured sweet promises to its proxy in PAS to betray the party and form a new party under the name of Amanah.

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“That is why many leaders in PAS… such as Mat Sabu (Mohamad Sabu), Salahuddin (Ayub),Dr Hatta Ramli and Dr Zulkefly (Ahmad) decided to resign from PAS to join (Lim) Kit Siang, (Lim) Guan Eng,Tony Pua and others,” he claimed in a Facebook post on Wednesday (Sept 21).

The Pulai Umno division chief said DAP initially took care of Amanah to secure Malay-Muslim votes and supplied whatever the then-fledgling party requested, to the extent of giving it money for expenses.

He said the Sheraton Move in February 2020 was the turning point following which DAP lost its “love” for Amanah.

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“Amanah candidates fared miserably in the (recent) Johor and Melaka state elections when Malays began to lose confidence in the party and the (Pakatan Harapan) coalition,” he added.

Nur Jazlan further claimed that from that point on, DAP began to sideline Amanah and focused on courting Muda, which was made up mainly of liberal Malay youths.

“It is not a surprise that the Amanah Youth chief was vocal about this at the party’s convention last week,” he said.

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At the Amanah national convention on Sept 16, its chief Mohd Hasbie Muda demanded that the party be allocated “Grade A” or winnable seats in GE15.

Mohd Hasbie said the wing and party should be treated on equal terms as other partners in Pakatan.

He also said some Amanah Youth members were disappointed as winnable seats had been given to these partners while their wing was allocated “national service” seats.

Mohd Hasbie said, however, that the wing welcomed cooperation with Muda and would leave it to the Pakatan presidential council to decide.

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Nur Jazlan also claimed that Salahuddin was not to be found in his parliamentary constituency of Pulai when people needed him, adding that it was a norm for “nomad politicians” to contest in safe seats and ignore them after winning.

Nur Jazlan’s post also did not spare PAS, which he described as having similar “relationship issues” as its splinter Amanah.

“Either they are being played or playing with their respective partners, but their fate remains the same. Maybe it’s because PAS and Amanah share the same DNA,” he said.