Dissolve Parliament and call for GE15 immediately, says Puteri Umno chief

KUALA LUMPUR: Dissolve Parliament and call for the next General Election immediately, says Puteri Umno chief Datuk Zahidah Zarik Khan

She said that her wing is ready to face the 15th General Election.

“Do not break our spirit, we want to accelerate even more. Do not say that young ladies, the Puteri are weak,” she said.

She said the party should not listen to requests by the opposition parties for an extension of the memorandum of understanding until the end of Parliament’s term

“They are begging for it because they are in fear. All this time they have been trying to ‘kill’ us. Why would we bow to them and let them slay us again?” Zahidah said in her policy speech at the Puteri wing’s meeting.

She said the female youth wings have proven themselves in gaining confidence from the rakyat based on the recent polls in Melaka and Johor.

Puteri candidates Datuk Khaidirah Abu Zahar won the Rim state seat in Melaka, while Nur Lizah Noh won the Johor Lama seat.