Education Ministry to replace textbooks lost in floods for free

PETALING JAYA: School students whose textbooks were lost or destroyed in the floods will not have to buy new ones as the Education Ministry will replace them for free.

Education Minister Datuk Dr Radzi Jidin said the ministry has sufficient stock to provide for affected students.

“Based on the ministry’s record as of Jan 7, a total of 263,662 textbooks were spoiled as a result of the floods.

“This involves 14,422 students across the country.

“The ministry has enough stock to replace these textbooks to ensure students can follow their teaching and learning sessions starting next week,” he said in a video posted on Facebook on Friday (Jan 7).

He assured students whose textbooks were lost or damaged in the floods would not have to pay for the replacements.

He also said the ministry would ensure it would be done soon to enable the schooling session to run in a smooth and orderly manner.