Efforts to restore dilapidated schools to be carried out fairly, says Fadhlina

ALOR SETAR: Efforts to repair dilapidated schools throughout the country will be carried out in a fair manner through development projects to be announced by the government, said Education Minister Fadhlina Sidek (pic).

She said the Education Ministry (MOE) has detailed data and information related to dilapidated schools and plans to resolve the issue, which is one of the aspirations under the ministry’s seven main thrusts.

“We already have a list (of dilapidated schools) in every state…in fact, we have specific details on schools that are on the scale of six and seven. We also have plans in terms of placement and how to manage this.

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“All states have (dilapidated schools), that is why I think the announcement will make it easier to focus on development in each state,” she told reporters after officiating at the West Malaysia Malay Teachers Union (KGMMB) Seminar here Saturday (Feb 11) night.

She was asked to comment on Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s statement yesterday that the government will prioritise immediate solutions to the issue of dilapidated schools in the country for the welfare of students and boost the country’s education standards.

Elaborating, Fadhlina said the upgrading of dilapidated schools would be implemented in phases, and the most important phase is after the tabling of Budget 2023 on Feb 24.

“So please don’t worry because when we have such an assurance, it will be easier for us to carry out development (projects) because it’s vital to ensure the safety of children in schools and access to quality education,” she said.

Meanwhile, Fadhlina said MOE also welcomed the Prime Minister’s call for the ministry to open the space for students and its staff to express their views to the government.

She said MOE has no problem accepting constructive views or criticism because it is important to help strengthen the education system.

“However, if it is ‘destructive’ criticism, it will destroy many things we have already built. So I welcome this call, and I think this is one of the safe spaces if we can criticise constructively and hold discussions to build a better education (system) for Malaysia,” she said. – Bernama