‘Extreme wind’ alert making the social media rounds is mostly hot air

GEORGE TOWN: Fearmongers have obviously not been resting while others struggle to recover from the floods.

A message has been floating around social media and it goes like this:

“Early warning… second wave of extreme wind is expected to hit Malaysia on Dec 27. Wind speeds of 22km/h are expected to hit Kuantan while Langkawi will be hit the worst, at 35km/h wind speeds.

“Repercussions could hit Penang island and mainland, causing flash floods… best not to visit Langkawi, or the east coast towards the end of this month.

“Roads from Johor up towards Kelantan will be affected as well, so avoid traveling on these highways…”

It is, however, only half true.

The Malaysian Meteorological Department director-general issued an alert at 6pm on Tuesday (Dec 21), alerting Malaysians to a “monsoonal surge” from Dec 27 to 28.

There is a low probability of heavy rain in the east coast of the peninsula while there is a high potential for storms in eastern Sabah and western Sarawak.

Strong winds and rough waters are expected in the South China Sea around that time too.

It is expected to be hot and sunny in Penang on Dec 27, with scattered thunderstorms in Kedah.

Stay updated on the weather by visiting www.met.gov.my.