Fadhlina advises SPM candidates to focus, listen, stay calm in answering questions

BANGI: In wishing all the best to all 403,637 candidates sitting for the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) 2022 written tests from today until March 15, Education Minister Fadhlina Sidek advised them to focus, listen and stay calm.

“Good luck to all and I wish everyone success,” she said when met at SMK Jalan Empat, Bandar Baru Bangi in conjunction with the first day of the SPM 2022 written tests, here Monday (Feb 20).

She said the visit was to give some words of encouragement to motivate the students and check on the the school and Examination Board’s preparations.

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Fadhlina said her daughter is also sitting for the tests and as a mother, she ensures they communicate daily to motivate her child in her studies.

“She (daughter) is a little disappointed that we cannot be together physically, but I am always with her in spirit,” she said.

On the issue over the 2022 SPM English listening test (UMBI) which was conducted on Feb 16, Fadhlina said the Examination Board has explained that the recording process was carried out much earlier and no social media influencer was engaged.

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In denying claims that a TikTok influencer was used as a speaker for the 2022 SPM UMBI, the board explained that the voice casters consist of teachers, lecturers, school and university students who are proficient in English language.

The issue went viral on social media after netizens questioned the credibility of a Tik Toker who was allegedly hired to conduct the voice-over causing candidates to struggle during the test because the individual was inarticulate.

“The Education Ministry (MOE) and the Board will always ensure integrity and that all aspects of validity, accuracy and credibility are taken into account in the matter,” said Fadhlina.

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In another development, Fadhlina said the MOE has completed its investigation into the vandalism that occurred at a school in Penang on Feb 18 after the students involved and their parents were called for a meeting on an intervention programme to be carried out by the state Education Department (JPN) and the District Education Office.

She said counseling was given to the students involved and the MOE would look into the results of the counseling session to find out what caused the unruly behaviour among the students.

“They are our children, let’s not lose hope on them. Many are disappointed over the incident but they (students) must be given the chance to continue schooling.

“This issue must be dealt with the cooperation of parents, teachers and counselors to ensure no repeat of such incidents,” she said. – Bernama