Floods: Number of victims in Johor increases slightly on Wednesday (Jan 5)

JOHOR BARU: The number of flood victims in Johor has increased slightly to 5,399 people from 1,430 families at 8am on Wednesday (Jan 5), compared with 5,634 people from 1,416 families at 4am.

State Health and Environment committee chairman R. Vidyananthan said no new temporary relief centres (PPS) were opened and that the number of centres in the state remains at 81.

He said that Segamat remains as the district with the highest number of victims with 3,804 people from 1,014 families seeking shelter at 51 PPS.

“Tangkak has 598 victims from 143 families in 13 PPS, Mersing with 470 victims from 125 families at seven PPS while 161 victims from 42 families are at the five PPS in Muar,” said Vidyananthan.

“Kota Tinggi has 131 victims from 38 families seeking shelter at its two PPS, Kluang with 124 victims from 37 families at one PPS and 111 victims from 31 families are at the two PPS in Batu Pahat,” he added in a statement on Wednesday (Jan 5).

Vidyananthan then said that three rivers in Johor are still at dangerous level.

“Two rivers in Segamat, namely Sungai Muar in Kampung Awat and Sungai Muar in Buluh Kasap at are still at a dangerous level as well as Sungai Kesang in Kampung Seri Maamor in Tangkak,” he said, quoting the Johor Irrigation and Drainage Department (DID).

Meanwhile, a total of nine roads in Segamat and one in Muar are still closed to all vehicles following the flood.

The roads that are closed in Segamat are Jalan Kuala Raya Balai Badang, Jalan Putting, Jalan Tumang, Jalan Serakek, Jalan Tungku Tiga, Jalan Pagoh (Kampung Limau Manis), Kampung Tangdung, Jalan Senai-Gemas and Jalan Felda Medoi while the closed road in Muar is Jalan Muar – Labis.