Floods: Relief centres open in two more states, number of evacuees rises to 4,616

PETALING JAYA: Flood relief centres are now operating in seven states across Malaysia as of Saturday (Jan 1) morning compared to only five states on Friday (Dec 31) evening.

The Social Welfare Department’s disaster information portal (can please hyperlink to: https://infobencanajkmv2.jkm.gov.my/portal/index) also said the number of flood evacuees had risen to 4,616 individuals from 1,377 families.

Pahang has the most active flood relief centres with 37, followed by Kelantan (12), Johor (nine) and Negeri Sembilan (seven).

As of 10.54am Saturday (Jan 1), there were 2,078 evacuees from 642 families seeking shelter at flood relief centres in Pahang.

In Johor, the number of flood evacuees stood at 656 while in Kelantan, there were 521 evacuees at 12 relief centres.

Other states affected were Terengganu where there were 451 evacuees, Negeri Sembilan (444), Sabah (343) and Melaka (123).