GE15: ‘God of Prosperity’ finally hits the Seputeh campaign trail

IN EVERY general election there is always that one candidate who stands out, either for their flamboyant mannerisms, colourful attire or for their over-the-top manifesto.

In the 15th General Election (GE15), we have seen many such candidates who qualify, but only one stands out like no other.

Her name is Lian Choy Ling, but she is running under the moniker “Choy San Yeh”, which is Cantonese for the God of Prosperity.

However, Choy has remained elusive and on nomination day, she kept to herself giving the impression she was an agent for the real candidate.

On Tuesday (Nov 15) night, she finally came out to introduce herself as a candidate for the Seputeh seat at the Seri Petaling night market.

Armed with a loud hailer, the petite woman was spotted clad in dark pants and white top, calling out to the people to vote for the “cermin mata (spectacles)” symbol on their ballot.

When asked why she decided to come out so late in the campaign, she said, “It’s a strategy. So people will become interested in me, and I think it has proven to be effective as now people remember the name Choy San Yeh,” she said.

The 55-year-old is an accountant who has worked as an auditor in the United Kingdom in one of the largest accounting firms there.

She said that she was contesting because she had no candidate to vote for.

“Many people around me are angry with Pakatan Harapan so they choose not to vote. I have come across people who expressed feelings of anger, betrayal and disappointment.

“Malaysia is struggling economically, due to previous bad governance. Many small businesses have closed.

“Unlike during the pre-pandemic period, many people are suffering, working two or three jobs to make ends meet.

“People are hoping for good luck to come. Choy San Yeh would like to bring hope and good luck, if Seputeh voters will allow it by voting for ‘cermin mata’ or Choy San Yeh,” she said

When asked what she thought of her chances, she said, “I am bebas (independent). Not a big party, just a small team comprising my family.

“My hope is to win this election with the least money spent and using a small group of people.

“Of course, there is a possibility of losing my deposit, but I think the people will get the message and so it’s money well spent,” she added.

In GE15, Choy will face incumbent Teresa Kok, Barisan Nasional’s Lee Kah Hing, Perikatan Nasional’s Wong Yee Yeng, and independent candidate Lee Wai Hong.

In the 2018 general election, Kok won with a whopping majority of 56,059. She garnered 63,094 votes against Barisan candidate Chan Quin Er’s 7,035 votes.