GE15: Platform bearing PH flags topples near Penang market

BUTTERWORTH: A mobile platform adorned with Pakatan Harapan flags and mounted on a truck crashed to the pavement beside a public market just before Nomination Day for the 15th General Election (GE15).

The incident at Medan Kurau 1, which occurred in the wee hours of Friday (Nov 4) morning, left a section of the pavement marked from the impact.

Shoppers entering the market had to walk under part of the collapsed platform to get in although traders continued to operate their stalls along the length of the fallen structure, which spanned about 10m.

It was believed to have been erected as a decorative structure in the busy commercial area.

Batu Kawan MCA parliamentary candidate Datuk Tan Lee Huat arrived with his team at the scene and expressed concern over safety precautions.

“Parties are not supposed to start campaigning with their logos on flags ahead of Nomination Day.

“However, (of greater concern) would be the public’s safety during campaigning.

“Putting up a mobile platform like this is dangerous when there are people walking around.

“Although nobody was hurt, we strongly discourage any parties from campaigning with methods that may endanger the people.

“We want to serve those who vote for us, not put them at risk,” he added.

Nomination Day for GE15 is on Saturday (Nov 5).