GE15: Use social media platforms to defend Barisan from slander, says Bung

KOTA KINABALU: It is disheartening to see a lack of activity on social media from Umno members in countering slander and attacks from the Opposition towards the party, says Datuk Seri Bung Moktar Radin.

The Sabah Umno chief urged party members and leaders to make full use of social media platforms to defend the party from slander.

“This matter should be looked into seriously, more so as we are nearing the 15th general election,” he said when speaking at the Kinabatangan Umno division meeting in Sandakan on Saturday (Oct 15).

“Barisan members should make full use of social media and defend the party from such matters and to help the people solve issues,” he said.

Bung said social media platforms need to be fully utilised to also answer questions from the grassroots as well as respond to negative talk from the Opposition about the party.

He said if such issues were not handled wisely, the negative impact towards the party would continue to grow.

“I am sure every member here has a smartphone and is on social media. So that makes it easier for all of us to do our part to ensure that our party image stays intact,” he said.

Bung said members cannot continue to just be readers or side watchers, or even worse, supporters of slander and attacks towards the party.

He said information and all data given out can either give a good or bad impact towards Barisan and Umno, regardless of whether the information was in written forms, videos, jokes or sarcasm.

He said all counterattacks or responses towards this sort of slander had to be done based on facts so that the public would be able to differentiate between what was true and what was not.

Bung said members, especially those from the Information Bureau, Youth and Puteri wings must know how to provide solutions and fact-based answers to questions or issues raised by people online and cyber troopers.

“Use creative and fun platforms. Tell the people what our party is about and our struggles to help the people. Use Instagram or TikTok and other up-to-date methods to gain more interest from the public,” he added.

He also advised members and the public to refrain from believing everything they read and see from social media platforms, and to always verify facts before spreading anything.