Gunung Panti hikers found, thanks to WhatsApp location pin

KOTA TINGGI: Two men and a woman believed to have lost their way while trekking down Gunung Panti here Thursday (Sept 1) were found safe at night, thanks to a location pin one of them shared on WhatsApp.

Senior fire officer II Mohd Syukri Mohd Yusoff said the three hikers – Gan Chen Yang, 23, Yong Chin Cheng, 25, and Wong Zao Yi, 22 – were found at around 10pm, 300m from the checkpoint of the two mountains before being led to safety by the rescue team.

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“The rescue team conducted a search with the help of other agencies using the location tracking method provided by the victim via WhatsApp.

“All the victims are with the police,” he said in a statement on Friday (Sept 2).

On Thursday, one of the victims phoned the authorities at 4.53pm to say they had lost their way while descending Gunung Panti.

Following that, a total of 10 rescuers was deployed.

It is learnt that all three, experienced hikers and trekkers, started at about 7am. They were contactable throughout most of their ordeal but could not find the way down. – Bernama