Health Ministry: Not shortage of medicine supply

PETALING JAYA: There is no overall supply shortage of pharmaceutical products, as there are alternative medicines and brands in the market which offer the same results, says the Health Ministry.

The ministry’s pharmacy services senior director Norhaliza A Halim said manufacturers have also increased production capacity to meet the higher demand.

“Feedback received from industry players revealed that there was a sharp increase in demand for some types of medicines such as products with the active ingredient paracetamol (to treat fever and mild pains), vitamin C as well as cough and flu medicines for children.

“The Health Ministry is seeking further feedback from the industry on the actual status of the supply of medicines produced in Malaysia or imported, as well as related issues,” she said in a statement on Friday (June 3).

Norhaliza reassured the public that strict monitoring and solutions to each issue would be examined through continuous communication between the Health Ministry and the pharmaceutical industry to ensure the continuity of supply of quality, safe and effective medicines to Malaysians.

On Thursday (June 2), Malaysian Medical Association president Dr Koh Kar Chai advised the public not to panic buy and unnecessarily hoard medications which are not immediately needed.

He noted that there is a shortage of certain medicines in the market lately as countries around the world started emerging from lockdown measures and resumed economic activities.