Instagram outage: Malaysians vent after being locked out of accounts

PETALING JAYA: Following a software bug that locked out thousands of Instagram users on Monday (Oct 31), Malaysians took to other social media platforms to express their displeasure and concern.

Twitter user Aqilah Jasmi expressed her dismay at the sudden loss of all her pictures on her Instagram account.

“Instagram being down and people losing so many of their pictures/memories. Guys, we gotta print all of our pictures ASAP and create our own photo albums. Like how our parents used to do it. We can’t trust nobody anymore,” she tweeted.

Many users were also left on edge after they found their accounts “suspended” due to the bug, in addition to constant reports of the app crashing.

“My account has been suspended and no reason being offered by your organisation, just suspended on review for 30 days. This needs to be rectified,” tweeted user Man Like Zaza (@ZahrinRedza).

Even local celebrities were apparently not safe from being locked out of their accounts.

“My @instagram account keeps on crashing from last nite,” tweeted Food Aid Foundation co-founder and local celebrity chef Zamzani Abdul Wahab (@Chef_Zam).

While many were having a meltdown over the apparent loss of their Instagram account, several chose to see the lighter side of the issue.

“Came on Twitter to see all the social media influencers losing their shit because their followers on Instagram are dropping by the second,” local musician Wyn Music (@euwynilose) tweeted.

“Seeing my Instagram numbers fluctuate up and down has gotta be one of the weirder cool things to happen on IG so far,” said local Youtuber Ho Ming Han on Twitter (@dmingthing).

“Instagram crashing. But for those of you that also got suspended a couple of minutes ago, and your first reaction was ‘WTF?!’, welcome to the club! Twitter, saving the day and calming the panic once more; always there to let us know we’re not alone,” tweeted user Shamin Shaimah (@Shamin_Shaimah).

As of Tuesday (Nov 1), Instagram has confirmed on its Twitter account that the Instagram outage had been completely resolved and wrongly suspended accounts had been restored.