Investing in a lifetime with King Living

The King Living Kato Sofa is designed for luxurious yet adaptable living.The King Living Kato Sofa is designed for luxurious yet adaptable living.

As urban dwellers look to reducing their carbon footprint, many prospective homeowners are making the conscious decision to downsize to apartment living without compromising on style, quality or comfort.

Choosing the right products with which to furnish a new home is an integral part of the investment as consumers have become savvier, more demanding and tend towards brands that reflect their own values and needs.

For more than 40 years, timeless and adaptable design has been a cornerstone of the King Living ethos, as founder David King’s guiding principle was to craft furniture that would last a lifetime even as individual taste and requirements change.

For those who prefer the ease and convenience of apartment living, the idea of versatility beyond an object’s traditional function is a valuable quality, particularly when constrained by space.

One of the distinguishing features of many King Living designs is modularity, which allows for easy customisation and the ability to reuse and repair individual parts, thus extending the product’s uses as well as its lifespan.

From its diverse range of sofas, dining sets, shelving units, beds and more, King Living offers sustainable, lifelong solutions to modern day challenges with timeless designs that can adapt to ever-evolving spaces and needs.

Here are three ways in which the flexibility of King Living designs makes it the perfect choice for the contemporary homeowner:

Kato sofa

King Living prides itself on its considered designs for adaptable living and Kato—the latest sofa from the design team—is expertly crafted for contemporary luxury.

Kato sits lightly on a grand footprint, giving you the choice of a double or grand double chaise, curved corner modules, integrated timber components, and a contrasting base finished in European leather.

With the modular flexibility that King Living is known for, Kato can be adapted to suit expansive interiors and smaller living spaces.

Tool-free components allow arms, backs shelves, tables and accessories to be moved around with ease with left-facing chaises easily changed to right-facing.

Beckoning you with sink-in comfort, both the double and grand double chaise make a striking statement.

Seat cushions made from a blend of feather and ultradown offer the perfect spot for unwinding and relaxing together while its modularity also means that it can be easily reconfigured as a luxurious guest bed.

Personalised to perfection, the modular Kato features integrated accessories designed for your lifestyle, offering convenience side by side with deep-seated comfort.

Timber shelves provide space to keep everyday items close at hand, while media consoles feature concealed storage beneath a flat lid for hidden convenience. The larger media console even offers the option of integrated smart lighting.

Vertio shelf

Minimal, sculptural, and functional, Vertio is a contemporary vertical shelving system in a truly modular design.

Ideal for both large and small spaces the new flexible shelving is an innovative Australian design with global appeal, specially created by the King Living in-house design team.

Vertio brings the best of both worlds by offering a pared back aesthetic but maximalist functionality.

Whether it’s utilised to delineate space, as an accent piece or purely as shelving, the flexibility means components can easily be added to and evolve as needs or room layouts change.

Scaled up or scaled down, the visually light and architecturally appealing Vertio offers sophistication within a seemingly simple system.

Jasper bed

The Jasper bed’s clean, minimal lines belie its immensely intelligent and thoughtful design.

Beyond serving as nightly refuge, the Jasper bed offers innovative solutions for your home, with integrated lighting, shelves, under-bed storage and wireless charging to ensure everything you need is within reach but discreetly tucked away.

The Jasper bed offers innovative solutions for your home.The Jasper bed offers innovative solutions for your home.

The bed adopts the legendary comfort of Jasper, expertly crafted for a perfect night’s sleep.

Distinguished by the plush softness of its bedhead, the covers on the bedhead and its base are customisable in a choice of European leathers and premium fabrics which are easily removed for cleaning, or can be replaced entirely for a fresh new look.

Quay dining set

‘Understated elegance’ are the first two words that come to mind when it comes to the Quay dining set.

The design team were inspired by the laidback Australian lifestyle when it came to designing the Quay dining set.

The design team were inspired by the laidback Australian lifestyle when it came to designing the Quay dining set.The design team were inspired by the laidback Australian lifestyle when it came to designing the Quay dining set.

The table features subtle curved edges and elegantly tapered legs that are finished in a carefully selected palette, offering a clean, contemporary look for your dining room.

The Quay dining table is customisable in a range of sizes and finishes to suit every aesthetic sensibility.

It is also the perfect addition for the avid host or hostess as it features extension leaves cleverly stored within the table’s frame, opening up two additional seats at the table.

Completing the look is the Quay dining chair—its graceful form and superior comfort bringing the elegance of restraint to any dining room.

Defining the space where minimalism meets comfort, the refined design is achieved through advanced comfort engineering.

The precision-cut engineered steel frame supports the innovative PostureFlex seating system ensuring ultimate comfort whatever the occasion.

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